1. What is the attendance for the Homeschool Expos?
    Please call us to request this information (1-800-285-6340). The Southeast Homeschool Expo (started in 1992) is one of the largest homeschool events in the nation and has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. 

  2. What is the advantage of exhibiting/presenting at the Homeschool Expos?
    Nothing beats the face-to-face interaction with your target audience. The BEST way to start a business or introduce your product/service to the homeschool market is through exhibiting at homeschool conventions. By presenting on an informational topic (very minimal "sales" time), you can drastically increase your exposure and "buzz" around your business. Year after year, exhibitors from around the country come back to the Homeschool Expos because homeschool conferences are the "tried and true" way to gather leads and market products/services to homeschooling families.

  3. What is the deadline for exhibitor registration?
    We accept registrations up until the Expo event date unless posted otherwise. However, we strongly advise that you register before the discount deadline to take advantage of the early bird pricing. Registering early also ensures you are listed on the exhibitors list early in the year.

  4. Can I request a certain location?
    Yes. You can request a certain location (i.e. corner booth) but we cannot guarantee placement in that area. We do our best to accommodate exhibitor requests.

  5. Can I provide food samples?
    Yes! Food samples may be distributed to attendees with prior authorization from the convention center facility. Please contact the convention center for the appropriate authorization forms and process guidelines.

  6. When does workshop registration close?
    There is no set date when workshops fill. Typically, workshop slots are completely filled by 3-5 months in advance. It is highly recommended that you register for workshop slots early.

  7. Do you allow animals (Exhibitors Only - For presentation purposes)?
    Yes! Animals may be allowed with authorization from the convention center. A certificate of insurance, schedule, and authorization from the convention center is requred.

  8. I have a large trailer. How can I make sure I can load/unload?
    There will be assigned load in/load out times for any vehicles with trailers. Information will be posted soon on the revised procedures and registration for assigned load times. Special designations and procedures will be in place for 2014 for load-in/load-out of large loads. We want to work to make the move-in/move-out process easy and streamlined for all!

  9. Can I park on the loading ramp to unload? Can I park my car in the loading dock area?
    No parking allowed on the loading ramps at any time. If you have a large trailer please contact us to schedule a designated load-in/load-out time or request a special handling. Additionally, do not leave vehicles unattended in the loading dock area during load-in/load-out. Parking of any unauthorized vehicle in the loading dock areas during the Expo is strictly prohibited.