About the Homeschool Expos

Homeschooling is continuing to explode in exciting ways! Today, you are standing at the gateway to a world of opportunities for you and your children. There is no limit to your choices and friendly homeschoolers are at every bend in the road to help you along your way.

At each of the Homeschool Expo websites, there is valuable information that can’t be found anywhere else in one place. You’ll find information on upcoming events, support groups, tutoring, classes, and more. Let us help you on your way!

Our mission is to help equip and encourage parents as they seek to raise and educate their children. Contact us anytime with your questions and we’ll be glad to help.  No question is too large or small, from “what should I use for math” to “what can I do? …my son doesn’t do what I say.”  Our goal is to help you succeed as you learn and grow on your homeschool journey.

Ever been to a homeschool event and left feeling inspired, but when you arrived home and shut the door felt as though you had learned nothing about how to actually homeschool? Us too!  Our mission is to help, equip, and encourage parents as they seek to raise and educate their children. We do this because we parents need to stick together. There is nothing more wonderful than a support system where we can share the joys and the struggles of our endeavors. Often, grandparents and friends do not quite understand why we do what we do. Joining together with other like-minded people is pure joy & encouragement.

Hello, we are a homeschooling family of 10.  Our combined family includes Hank and Randi St. Denis, Randi’s sister Victoria Beck, and their children Rachel, Matthew, Mark, Hamilton, Elizabeth, Michael and James.  All the children were homeschooled until college.  Even then, we often do a homeschool approach to college. Randi is an expert in raising and educating children and provides educational and parenting consulting services to all kinds of families in all kinds of educational settings.  Some of their children learned easily… you could say they are gifted learners.  Other children struggled to learn.  As homeschool parents, Randi and Hank worked through a wide variety of homeschool issues and want to remind parents that anyone can successfully homeschool their children.  The key ingredient is parental desire; we can help you with the rest.

As a tutor and educational consultant, Randi has personally helped thousands of parents achieve their homeschool goals while raising their children – from gifted to special needs and everything in between.  Parents around the United States have come to her with concerns about their children and left with real solutions including additional tools and encouragement.


We believe the God of Creation personally watches over and blesses all types of parents and their children.  We also believe that God commands us to get knowledge and to get wisdom and to not forget these things. In learning more about the world, we are also learning about the One who created it.

We believe in diversity of education, that when it comes to children, one size does not fit all and that parents deserve choices and help in their endeavors.  We celebrate the willingness of parents to step out of line and fearlessly take control of their children’s educations.  We are thrilled that homeschooled children turn out so well …

The Homeschool Expos are BOTH family friendly and affordable. Families are encouraged to attend the activities provided for parents and children alike. We love to have local homeschool parents present interesting workshops.